Apsuboard V3 Dual Hub Motors 299.99 USD (US warehouse delivery)
Apsuboard V3 Dual Hub Motors 299.99 USD (US warehouse delivery)
Apsuboard V3 Dual Hub Motors 299.99 USD (US warehouse delivery)
Apsuboard V3 Dual Hub Motors 299.99 USD (US warehouse delivery)
Apsuboard V3 Dual Hub Motors 299.99 USD (US warehouse delivery)

Apsuboard V3 Dual Hub Motors 299.99 USD (US warehouse delivery)

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Standard  Shipping:

Order now and we will ship your skateboard by sea / by train

US warehouse  / Arrives 3-7 Days (After shipping)

Europe / Arrives 40-55  Days (After shipping)

 Canada warehouse / Arrives 3-5 Business Days (After shipping)

Air Shipping: 

Order now and we will ship your skateboard by air.

US / Arrives 7-15 Business Days (After shipping)

Europe, Canada / Arrives 25-30 Business Days (After shipping)

Asian countries / Arrives 12-20 Bussiness Days (After shipping)


Board Details

Skateboard Deck:

  • Material: 7 layer Canadian Maple + 1 layer bamboo
  • Maximum load: 330 LBS (150 kg)
  • Size: 38" x 9.5"


  • BATTERY CELLS: 20R Lithium Ion Battery 4.0 AH
  • Range: 
    • Fastest Mode: 14 Kilometre/8.5 Miles
    • Slowest Mode: 20 Kilometre/12.3 Miles

Speed Modes 
(Screen Remote):

  • 1. Slowest Mode/Beginners Mode: 11 Miles/Hour, (18 KM/H) Max Speed
  • 2. Medium Mode/Intermediate Mode: 18 Miles/Hour, (30 KM/H) Max Speed
  • 3. Fastest Mode/Pro Mode: 28 Miles/Hour, (45 KM/H) Max Speed

Speed Modes 
(Hobbywing Remote):

  • Slowest Mode/ Beginner Mode: 12.5 Miles/Hour, (20 KM/H) Max Speed
  • Medium Mode /Intermediate Mode: 19 Miles/Hour, (32 KM/H) Max Speed
  • Fastest Mode/Pro Mode: 25 Miles/Hour, (40 KM/H) Max Speed

PU Wheels:

  • Super High Rebound PU 80A Wheels


  • Motor: Hub Motor 90mm x 55mm
  • Power: 250W x 2


  • Always has a strong signal when riding
  • Powerful and smooth accelerations and braking


  • Battery Capacity: 400mAh
  • 3 Riding Modes that come with the (Screen Remote)
  • 3 Riding Modes that come with the (Hobbywing Remote)
  • Charging time: Approximately 2 Hours
  • When both the board and the remote is turned on it will automatically pair. After doing so, you can ride your board with no worries! Please don't forget to turn off the board and remote after finishing you're riding because if you don't, it can cause a safety issue.

Waterproof Grade:

All Apsuboard's have been strictly waterproofed before they leave the factory, but once you start using it, maintaining it or replacing the battery, the board's water resistance will be reduced. Riding on wet or icy roads is dangerous and can potentially cause a loss of traction or control. Water can damage the boards and water damage is not covered by the warranty. Therefore, you should avoid placing the board in water or riding on wet surfaces.

The Skateboard Alone:

  • Net weight: 14.77lbs (6.7Kg)
  • Size: 38 x 9.44 x 4.9 Inches 

The Whole Package:

  • Size: 39.37 x 12.20 x 7.87 Inches, (1000 x 310 x 200 mm)
  • Gross weight: 21 Pounds (10Kg)

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Electric Skateboard
  • 1 x Remote & Skateboard Charger
  • 1 x Wireless Remote Controller 
  • 1 x Skate Tool (T Tool/Rench)


All Apsuboard's that are sold by Apsuboard are covered by a 90 day manufacturer's warranty. The 90 days start as soon as you have received your board. 

The warranty COVERS the following:

  • Defected Parts Eg: Motors, ESC, Batteries, Etc

The warranty DOES NOT COVER the following:

  • Water Damage 
  • Wheel Wear
  • Artificial Damage

Please visit "Warranty & Return Policy" at the bottom of the page or contact Apsuboard Support for more information/inquires

Customer Reviews

Based on 137 reviews
Christopher Heaps

Apsuboard V3 Dual Hub Motors 309.99 USD (US/CA warehouse delivery)

Gabriel Byers
Kinda sucks. Kinda pissed I can’t return it

I got splashed by an oncoming car and now it won’t turn on. Piece of junk

Love it!!!

Just got my bored today and I can say im definitely buy from this brand again. It is awesome in my neighborhood that has hills and bad roads. The only bad thing to say is the turning isn't great. But besides that great bored 👍


I’ve had this board for almost 3 years now. My friends and I wanted to get a good quality electric longboard during the first summer of COVID to have some fun. We spent a long time researching different boards and by far this was the best one we found. At first we were skeptical about it’s performance and durability, but once they arrived and we got riding, we were blown away.

This is our 3rd year riding the board and the ride experience hasn’t changed since we first got them. We’ve been able to reach top speeds of up to 35km/h on these things. The brakes are very durable and I trust their performance every time I need to brake fast or when going down steep hills. The remote works really well also. Very simple and easy to use.

We got the hobby wing esc and remote because we wanted performance over the style of the remote. So far it’s paid off for sure.

If you’re looking for a great value board under $500 this is absolutely the best option you’ll find. As long as you keep it in good condition and not bring it out during bad weather (rain/snow), it will last and perform as well as any other board in the market, if not better, and for a long time!

Thank you Apsuboard for being able to provide an amazing riding experience. I will definitely be buying from here again!

Mahid Haque
Worth it

Get it before my son's birthday,thanks