Warranty&Return Policy


This board is covered by a 90 days manufacturer’s warranty that defects in workmanship and material.This does not cover damage caused by abuse.misuse,negligence,accident,or riding in water.
The APSU board can be easily repaired by replacing the broken part. We will always diagnose and send free replacement parts for boards under warranty, shipping fees will be collected.
The water damage ,wheels wear ,and artificial damage are NOT included in the warranty.

we do not accept any returns or refunds at this time as our boards' particularity, Please give us your consideration.So if our board can not meet your demands at some area. please contact us for the detailed solve method, we promise we will try our best to solve your problem in a kind way. Thanks in advance for your consideration and undertanding.

We don't refund when your order is shipped out.
We don't refund when there is an issue with the product you received.
We don't accept returns.