Collaboration With Top-Class Marketing Agency

Social media can be an exhausting and daunting task, it may seem easy but it needs a lot of experience, time and focus. Since the beginning of our brand, we had a marketing team of experts doing ads for us, but lately, we thought that we need to improve and empower our results even more and more.

That's why we have collaborated with SocialStatista to improve our marketing goals and reach you in a better way, you, our lovely customers. The main focus for SocialStatista is to manage our Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns to improve our offers and give you more options for discount offers and gifts. 

We are happy for our collaboration and we see the results already with our happy clients contacting us with thanking messages for the great offerings we provided for them through our ads. 

We would love to recommend SocialStatista services for any business owner whether it was small or big business, their service won't let you down. Spreading love and our gratitude to SocialStatista

You can check out their service offerings at