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Apsuboard SP

Board Details

Skateboard Deck:

  • Material: 3 layer Bamboo+2 layer Glass fiber 
  • Maximum load: 330 LBS (150 kg).
  • The recommended Rider weight should be under 264 pounds (120 kg)


 The following Datas Were tested By A 150 Pounds(70KG) Rider. Please note Apsuboard doesn't guarantee everyone will reach the advertised range as the range will be affected by a lot of factors such as terrain, wind resistance, battery level, rider weight, and weather, etc.):
  • Standard Battery: 20R 36V 8.0AH 10S4P(Standard)
    • Cruising Range: 15.5 to 18 Miles, (25 to 29 Kilometres) 
  • Standard Battery: 20R 36V 10.0AH 10S5P (More Than Standard)

    • Cruising Range: 20.5 to 23.5Miles, (33 to 38 Kilometres) 
  • Sanyo GA 14AH 10S4P (Middle Battery)
    • Cruising Range: 26.5 to 31 Miles, (43 to 50 Kilometres)
  • Sanyo GA17.5AH 10S5P (Best Range)
    • Cruising Range: 29.8 to36 Miles, (48 to 58 Kilometres)

      Speed Modes: 4 Modes

      • Slow mode/ Beginner: 10 Miles/Hour, (16 KM/H) Max Speed
      • Medium mode/Intermediate: 20 Miles/Hour, (32 KM/H) Max Speed
      • Fastest mode (Soft Acceleration/Brakes): 29 Miles/Hour, (46 KM/H) Max Speed
      • Fastest mode(Powerful Acceleration/Brakes): 29 Miles/Hour, (46 KM/H) Max Speed

      The Maximum Climb Angle: 30%

      PU Wheels:

      • 90 x 52MM (HARDNESS: 80A)

      Motors - Dual Belt Drive Motors:

      Rated Output Power:

      • 1000W x 2 Motors

      ESC - Electronic Speed Control:

      Controller: With dual belt drive, ride smoothly and powerfully everywhere you go

      Regenerative Braking: Regenerates power as you brake. This will increase riding time/distance.

      Intelligent Boot: Your board will automatically power on when rolling for more than 3 feet/1 meter, so that you don’t have to bend down to press the power switch

      Wireless Screen Remote:

      Capacity: 200 mAh

      Battery Type: Lithium Battery

      Charging Time: 30 Minutes

      Type: 2.4G RF technology

      Waterproof Grade:

      All Apsuboard's have been strictly waterproofed before they leave the factory, but once you start using it, maintaining it or replacing the battery, the board's water resistance will be reduced. Riding on wet or icy roads is dangerous and can potentially cause a loss of traction or control. Water can damage the boards and water damage is not covered by the warranty. Therefore, you should avoid placing the board in water or riding on wet surfaces.

      Adapters And Chargers:

      Input: 100-240v 2.5a

      Output: 42V 2.0A


      Special Features:

      • The Remote Shows How Much Battery Your Board Has Left
      • The Remote Shows How Much Battery It Has Left
      • The Remote Displays The Current Speed
      • The Remote Displays The Current Riding Mode
      • The Remote Enables You To Customize Your Mileage By Scale Box

      When both the board and the remote is turned on it will automatically pair. After doing so, you can ride your board with no worries! Please don't forget to turn off the board and remote after finishing you're riding because if you don't, it can cause a safety issue. 

      The Skateboard Alone:

      • Net weight: 18.4lbs (9KG)
      • Size: 38 x 9.44 x 4.9 inches

      The Whole Package:

      • Size: 39.37 x 12.20 x 7.87 Inches (1000 x 310 x 200 mm)
      • Gross weight: 23lbs (10.5Kg)

      Package Contents:

      • 1 x Electric Skateboard
      • 1 x Remote & Skateboard Charger
      • 1 x Wireless Screen Remote Controller 
      • 1 x Skate Tool (T Tool/Rench)


      All Apsuboard's that are sold by Apsuboard are covered by a 90 day manufacturer's warranty. The 90 days start as soon as you have received your board. 

      The warranty COVERS the following:

      • Defected Parts Eg: Motors, ESC, Batteries, Etc

      The warranty DOES NOT COVER the following:

      • Water Damage 
      • Wheel Wear
      • Artificial Damage

      Please visit "Warranty & Return Policy" at the bottom of the page or contact Apsuboard Support for more information/inquire

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Larry Micka
      Apsuboard SP

      Speed is there but board is tooooo flexy.

      Steven Jackson
      X2 magic

      Decided to order the X2. Had my mind blown when it arrived two days later. Not sure how that was possible. But this board is amazing. My third electric and by far the best. Definitely worth the extra money for the upgraded remote.

      I got my board!!!

      I love this board only got it a couple days ago but it’s amazing so far. It took a month exactly to get to me which wasn’t the best but once I got it I loved it.

      Tejai Barbagallo
      Apsuboard sp????

      Seems to be a great board have only had the spare time to put about 10km on it.

      Shipping was a little over 10 business days to Australia which during this time was amazing.

      However the deck itself was not as pictured it looks like that have used a different deck and grip tape. Unsure if the motors have also been changed as there is no size or power markings on them. Have sent a Facebook message to apsuboard awaiting a response.

      It also seems to only say it does 42km/hr not the 46km/hr when the board is upside down and at full throttle.

      Will update my review when I know exactly what product I got as it definitely doesn't look like the one I ordered.

      Jonathan Strand
      Game changer!!!

      I can't even describe the joy I've had from exploring with this board. If you have a pair of headphones, put them in your ear with you favorite tunes and take this board for a ride and forget about all the craziness going on. Range is crazy far, power, speed and acceleration are better than most uber pricy boards I've ridden, the board rides smooth and bites HARD keeping you tight through high speed turns. You will NOT find a better ride for the price.